Wednesday, February 07, 2007


We wanted to share a little about our recent trip with PBT to Tanzania, East Africa. We were there from July to September and we LOVED it. We really experienced amazing works of God there. We helped teach a translators training course for Bible translators from over 20 languages. Joscelyn taught a literacy training course and Stephen taught such exciting topics such as Orthography and Principles of Translation. It is exciting to see so many Africans committed to translating God's message into their own heart language so that more can know His love!! We were so welcomed by all those we met and we look forward to spending more time getting to know them there in the future!! Who would have thought Caleb would have traveled 1/2 way around the world at the tiny age of 2 months. Enjoy the pics and we'd love to dialogue about them to anyone who will listen!!! Don't worry nowadays it isn't a long missionary slide show, its electronic....


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