Thursday, March 08, 2007

A suprise visit from Edson!!

We were suprised and excited to host a friend of ours from Tanzania tonight. Edson Kamenya is a gifted Tanzanian evangelist and translator who we became friends with in Morogoro this summer. Edson translated for us as we taught the classes at the translator courses and spent many hours together. He has translated many Bible helps into Swahili from other languages. Edson recently finished translating a Children's Bible. He is here visiting some of the American churches who support him and his ministry with Pioneer Bible Translators. We were blessed and encouraged by his visit and Micah was able to use a little of the Swahili he remembers, us too! Isn't so good how God brings just the right encouragement to us at just the right time? We never know who in our day we can touch with God's goodness. I am so grateful to God for his gentle touch and how he uses those around us. When you pray please lift up Edson, he feels he may be coming down with a case of Malaria. Many in the tropics never really eradicate the illness and so it flares back up whenever they get run down. Pray also for his wife and children back home. Pray also that the Lord will grant us our desire to be able to return to Tanzania to serve along with this wise man of God.



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