Sunday, March 11, 2007

Spring has sprung??

Only in Texas will you be running around in swimsuits and tank tops in February and March. Isn't he adorable? I spent the night away, its nice to be missed. When I got back Micah dragged me right outside and wanted to play. This weekend I was soooo blessed to go on our church's WONDERFUL ladies retreat. You'll notice two of my roomies, Tara and Courtney, who kept me up later than my boys and Monica (not pictured) got us up earlier than Caleb :) she does have some excuse- she was an organizer. But it was nice to spend the week with all girls rather than all boys. Our minister's wife performed a monologue that she wrote that was very moving and funny at the same time. We worked on the theme of the Red Sea Rules and I was very provoked. It was stretching for many of us. All in all, a great time of fellowship for all of us and hopefully will grow us throughout our church.


At 8:25 PM, Blogger James&Serena said...

Hey I know your roomies!


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