Monday, September 24, 2007


We've been in a lot of hospital rooms recently, my stepfather went to ICU with a suspected heartattack (he's ok), we've had a few elderly members of our church in for surgery, and one of my girlfriends had a baby boy. That is a wide variety of moments. But I was truly impressed with one of my visits. I was visiting a man that I know who used to go to our church. I had been drawn to him and his wife from the very beginning of our time at our church. What I encountered in that hospital room was a couple that was confident of their Lord's provision and he was happy to stay or go. I was impressed in some of the other rooms I visited by fear, worry, or uncertainty. But here was a man with failing memory, a long list of past surgeries, and exuding a quiet confidence that he would either be healed or be in Heaven. I was struck by the desire to live my life with that type of confidence and faith. Not to be ruled by fear in a dark moment but rather without surrender, live with humor and acceptance of God's provision.
Okay, so that's my deep blog for the day and I'll lighten it up with a little photo of Micah. Stephen's mom is going in for surgery on Wed so he's been playing dr.


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