Sunday, June 17, 2007

Girl's Sleepover

Well, after a whirl wind week at PMI, what do we want to do to unwind? That's right have all night activities with the coolest youth group EVER!! Stephen and the guys went out to Cedar Hill State Park and enjoyed the rain and scorpions (right, Casey?). They had a lot of fun and because they are guys we have no photographic documentation. However, we, being girls, had three digital cameras going at once so have blow by blow photos of our sleepover!! We too enjoyed the rain but had our capture the flag in the pool!! These are some pics from our scavenger hunt and other activities!!

Meredith and Jodie doing partner work during Bible Study

Lauran modeling an item with a bottlecap (scavenger hunt)

Taylor and popcorn, these girls tried but did not triumph over the fearless team led by me that was victorious!!

How many marshmallows can teenage girls stuff in their face??

Here we are tossin cheese puffs at our duct tape covered person target. I didn't have the heart to show you the ones covered in duct tape and cheese puffs!!

This was before we ended up covered in whip cream and drenched in pool water!!

This was one serious tournament of capture the noodle. It seriously took nearly 2 hours!!
We go to camp in a week, perhaps this all nighter was a good warm-up!! It was a serious blessing and a big shout out to my BFF Tara for joining in on the planning and fun!


At 3:37 PM, Blogger Scott and Kathy said...

Wow...after an energy-draining PMI week, you guys had youth group outings on your schedule?!? You're amazing. We love you guys...and we're praying for you as you're working on raising support and prepping for the journey to Tanzania next year.

Scott and Kathy


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