Thursday, May 17, 2007

Beautiful May Days

We are enjoying the fabulous weather and festivities of May. As most of you know this is a celebratory month for us. We have mother's day, anniversary(8 for those of you counting) and my birthday (** for those of you counting). This week we had other fun things too.

We went to Taste of Cedar Hill with our friends the Halls and definitly got our money's worth. Micah was star-struck by the the Chick-fil0A CHicken and the Red Robin and we all made more than one visit to the Sheridan's cCustard stand. (We ate salmon and green beans too)Here's a pic of us enjoying, Jaxson is the other guy sporting the fire chief hat!! Ah, this is the hilarious plunger that was handed out by the Ben Franklin plumbers. We are having an embarresing amount of fun sticking to each other. SO please, when we come to your home, please hide your plungers taht we may avoid the horror of seeing our son walk out using it as a megaphone!

We also went to the zoo with Micah's friend Aidan! So now you know it takes three boy's to take out a croc!! Also, there is an awesome stream that runs through the children's area, very refreshing. COurtney and I spent probably an hour with our feet in the water watching chickens walk by and eating snacks. THis was especially great considering Courtney is pregnant and I'm well, lazy.
I am especially proud of this last picture. Let me set the scene: I was holding Caleb in my camera arm, holding mealworms in the cup and acting as a perch with my other arm while Micah was terrified of both the worms and the birds, and I still managed to take a fairly decent picture. So thanks to God for giving me two boys to teach me multitasking!!


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