Friday, March 30, 2007

Missing Pretty?

So there are, every now and then, hilarious things that come out of a child's mouth. Here's one little episode to give you a chuckle. Tuesday I caught Micah in the bathroom using my mascara underwater as a bicycle pump. I've explained my own application of make-up or hair styling as "making Mommy pretty." So when I had to throw out the ruined mascara Micah said innocently "oh, no Momma's pretty is all gone, you not pretty anymore" Talk about a blow to the ego. Of course he told me I was pretty about 15 times later that day so I guess it balances out.

This past weekend we snuck down to Houston to suprise my dad "pa" for his birthday. He was certainly surprised as he was coming in from his car to hear his grandson hollering from the backyard about snakes in a pool. (not as scary as snakes on a plane) So after rescuing the snake we all had a great weekend, Micah even swam in the pool, minus the snake. Micah was given the new Veggie Tales movie, Moe and the Big Exit and has enjoyed looking he part ever since. Thanks for reading!!


At 8:28 PM, Blogger James&Serena said...

Certainly a good story for the 'ol scrapbook! I really enjoy reading your blogs! :)


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