Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Catchin Up!

I'm a little behind on posting. Here a few pics to illustrate the catch up post. First we have another birthday picture for Caleb and our entry for the most beautiful baby contest!

Come on, he had a little mashed potato in his eye and was so proud of self feeding! Besides I'm always saying we try so hard to only show our strong, beautiful moments. So here is a note of realism to the blog.


A good friend gave us tickets to the Rangers game on Friday night and since it was late notice we carted the kids along! It was a blast and Micah even joined in showing his team pride with the teens in the background by painting his face. Micah loved EVERY minute from the ice cream in the ballcap, the mascot signing his bobblehead, and the fireworks. We didn't stay to the end but we did leave with the team ahead!!

Youth Group-

Our juniors threw a luncheon for our graduating seniors. they did an awesome job, the theme was 007 Graduation Royale, and our spy theme worked well. The junior agents and Stephen were the bad guys and I (because I am so angelic) played the forces of Good!! Unfortunately I didn't pass the camera off so I have limited shots.

Here are some shots of our church volleyball teams. Don't we look intimidating?

Okay, that's it for now- I got a zoo membership so be prepared for animal pics coming soon!!


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