Saturday, April 21, 2007

Look who's turning 1!!

Although his birthday isn't until Wednesday, we had family and friends over for a backyard birthday celebration for Caleb. The kiddos had a blast chasing bubbles and splashing in the little pool.

I have never seen a baby demolish a birthday cake with as much efficiency. Even Micah was impressed. By the end of the party his little cake was completely leveled and he was as blue as a smurf! We didn't get any front shots to do it justice but you still get the idea.

Caleb got lots of fun toys and even stole a few kisses from a certain young lady. The biggest blessing of all was the joy of sharing this time with family and friends. Praise God that he gives us encouragement through relationships!! So, Happy 1st Birthday Caleb!!


At 5:15 PM, Blogger James&Serena said...

So sorry we missed..looks like it was ALOT of fun! :) Happy 1st Birthday Caleb!


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