Sunday, June 17, 2007

Pioneer Missions Institute

We just finished a week long conference for our mission organization, Pioneer Bible translators. It is such a fun week, there are lots of missionaries home for furlough, college students getting ready for summer internships, recruits, and families interested in PBT. For the past few years I have led the preschool portion of the week and this year I had a class full of girls!! I also got to teach part of one of the adult courses. The most exciting part of the whole week was that there were so many people there who are interested in serving in Tanzania! There was even a couple there who were spending their honeymoon at the conference! Crazy! This morning when we were singing the song Days of Elijah I just got choked up when we sang; these are the days of the harvest, the fields are as white as the snow, and we are the laborers in his vineyard, declaring the Word of the Lord. It is amazing how ready the peoples of Tanzania are, and in need of the Word of the Lord. I am so excited about meeting all these future teammates. I totally forgot my camera the whole week but here is an after of Micah. Friday afternoon we were getting ready for the youth retreats and you can see the camping gear in the background. Micah fell asleep 5 minutes into Curious George!!


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