Friday, September 21, 2007

Back into blogging

So it's a little overwhelming to re-enter the blog world after taking a nice hiatus. Okay, so it wasn't a break to relax, but I'm finally into the 2nd trimester(or 8th if I get to count them all) so I'm back to eating again, at least most days, and I'm developing quite the pot belly. Too soon you say, only 14 1/2 wks you say, but hey its my third so give me a break if I'm already complaining my pants are cutting off my circulation right at the belly button!! Stephen's glad I'm out of the napping every 2 hrs stage and Micah's excited I'm back into running around the playground again.
Let's see what else is new, we have made the decision to spend the Spring entirely focused on support raising so we will be able to move to Tanzania in July. Because of that we will be leaving our wonderful church here (and AWESOME youth group) to move to Houston. We're hoping to connect with some church's there and save some cash by renting from my Dad. So we'll be leaving Dallas, sniff, sniff!! But we'll be back to visit with baby!!!
ALright, I'll sign off for now hopefully the next blog will be more clever and contain pictures!


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