Saturday, November 17, 2007

Fall happenings

So, my friend Cortni warned me long ago that I would know I was a serious blogger if I thought in blog. It has happened. THe other day we stopped to help this lady on the side of the road and she was hilarious, all I could think about was quoting her on my blog. She never used her prepaid cell phone her daughter gave her because "I need another mouth to feed like I need hemroids." The other funny she said was "God is good to me, see you stopped, not some rapist or ax-murderer so it has been a good day!" She was stopped in the lonely stretch of road that brings me to my next ramble.

Since our church moved to Midlothian, we have had the privelege to work and worship in the cement capitol of Texas (maybe the world). Every time we drive past this particular factory Micah starts talking about castles. He's convinced this one has to have a dragon becuase of all the "smoke". He's never experienced a real castle so this towering concrete building is what his mind settled on. On a serious note, this illustrates a problem in biblical translation. When the culture doesn't have a frame of refrence for a concept (white as snow, sheperd, a good king) they work it into something they understand, like a disappointing cement plant. That's just one more reason we are committed to Bible translation!!

Oh, what else? Here are the pics from Micah's Feast.

I never picked up my camera at mother's day out (i teach there too) but it was ADORABLE. But this is the morning school he goes to. His teacher went to grad school with me AND translated in INdonesia for over 15 yrs. She's awesome!!

This is Addy. SInce I've resigned myself to the knowledge I will not be birthing my own daughters, I have increased my prayers for my sons' wives. The other day Micah mentioned he'd marry me, I told him I was taken and so he settled on Addy. I sleep a little easier at night knowing he has such good taste in women (and in-laws). Her parents are with PBT (Pioneer Bible Translators) too!!

We went "camping" with my mom for one night before it got too cold. And the boys keep wanting to go back to Grandma's new camping house. Yes, these photos were taken from atop a playhouse.

Here are some pics from our friend Hunter's bday party and the group shot of our life group kiddos from Halloween.

Micah and JD

I had one of those rare moments today. This morning was EXACTLY like I imagined married life would be. I was dreaming away when I felt an affectionate hand on my back and then ...Micah came crashing over me onto the bed to snuggle under the covers, not even disturbing his father's steady slumber!! Caleb starting calling us from the crib so we brought him to bed too. Soon we were all singing and playing until the boys clamored down the stairs to watch cartoons while I made breakfast! Pretty fun, huh? I'm super blessed.


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