Sunday, February 24, 2008

Catchin up! Look who's 4

Micah turned 4 a few weeks ago and I completely obsessed about his party and it went Great. Half way throug the party he turns to his friend all bubbly and says this is a good party!! I think he had just been handed candy so I won't give my party planning skills all the credit. Anyway- it was a pirate party and so much fun. Here is a photo run through
We decorated treasure boxes for all the loot they plundered throughout the party!! Notice throughout how everyone has eye patches...but no actual eyes are covered in the course of the party. We played walk the plank, fishing, treasure hunt, ;irate ship pinata etc. The weather was gourgeous!! Definitly bettwe weather than when we took him home from the hospital in an icestorm in Dallas! We have been fortunate to reconnect with friends from ACU Cory and Christina and thier boys. You'll notice her pregnancy with her 3rd boy as well.
This is Titus their oldest and he was awesome in his pirate get up, you may not notcie the rubber snake they had to get past by walking the plank, ohh very creepy!!
Micah and Titus leading the pack in the treasure hunt. I had taken photos of various locations in the back yard so they went streaking from spot to spot until they found treasure.
The rest of the crew caught up to dig for treasure. We added jewels, pirate coins, and rings to the sand. Now the sandbox seems tame so we keep a few coins in anyway.
I can not tell you how I obsessed about this cake but it actually went off pretty well. Although I was very wary of blue icing ever since Micah's 1st birthday!! We had one episode of crying b/c I was one short in passing out the whopper cannonballs to the kiddos. But enough blue bell heals all wounds!!

Here's the birthday boy blowing out his cannons. HE has been such a gift from the Lord and we are so grateful to have him. The next birthday on our list better be baby Nathan's or so help me..... THe doctor did tell me I probaby won't be going late with this one but we'll see (I have finally started washing baby clothes and packing a suitcase. 22 days to go!!

This is a random tack on but Micah and I have taken to planting a garden. This is my dad helping us plant tulips and daffodils in the front yard. The boys and I planted carrots (for the bunnies), radishes b/c they're quick,yellow squash and green beans. Even after the swampy rain we've been having they are all looking good. I'll be sure to photo our green thumb results for you soon!! Maybe this will get Micah to eat something that is not beige (okay ketchup on chicken nuggets doesn't count)


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