Friday, February 01, 2008

Josc in a tube slide???

Do you ever have those moments when all you can do is trust God? We're are in a stage of life where we are really exercising those trust muscles. It is truly amazing how I keep having to relearn the same lesson over and over, trust God. I guess I have a lot in common with the Isrealites from Exodus!!
Seriously though, we would really appreciate your prayers for Stephen's mom. They've found some cancer spots behind her eye and in her brain this past week and so she has begun radiation. She was diagnosed with Breast cancer when Caleb was only a month old and now she's gearing up for another battle. So please lift her up and pray for strength and courage.
On the baby front-- we had another clean scan for baby Nathan and the doctor laughed as he told me he was still a boy. Somehow he thinks that is way funnier than I do. We're 34 weeks now so we're in the home stretch. On a side note we believe the family cat will be littering the same time I will be! So please don't be shocked if when you ask Micah about the baby he starts talking about how fuzzy they are.
One photo I truly wish I was able to post for you to cheer us all up is the sight of all 160 lbs of me at the very top of the biggest McDonal playscape the other day. Caleb had gotten to the tallest point and decided he couldn't get down. SO in I went wending my way through the switchback platforms to the THIRD level of the playscape and then through the tunnels, past the 2 year old with only one sock, through the train engine to the tallest point to rescue my Caleb. I wasn't about to go out the way I had come so I asked a helpful 2 year old the way to the slide and with wide eyes he pointed. At least I recieved a round of applause from the other moms when I slid out with a tearful yet smiling Caleb!! (I bought myself a well earned ice cream too)
Caleb had backed himself into a corner and he trusted that I would find a way in to rescue him. How many times does the Lord rescue me and guide me through obstacles of my own creation?? thankfully he is a little more patient and graceful than I am!!

Oh, and we started potty training Caleb this week....pray for patience....and stay tuned for plenty of "it'll be funny someday" stories.


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