Saturday, March 01, 2008

Katy Rodeo

The local FFA puts on an amazing rodeo in February. I think its a level C PRCA event but either way I was very impressed with the riding, roping, and wrestling. There was even sheep riding for small children. The youngest was 4 but the winner was a 6yr old girl!! She rode that sheep half way around the arena!! We went with my folks and my aunt and Uncle

Next week the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo begins so there will be even more opportunities to wear our cowboy gear. It was pretty cold that evening so I didn't have an opportunity to wear my maternity spurs :) The other big hit of the weekend was the boys and I went to watch the parade the next morning while Stephen was at an all day church service project! this is just one more thing I love about Texas!! We stood next to a family from France on vacation and I got to keep explaining our odd culture to her. FFA, mascots, etc. We had a blast and now the boys expect candy to be thrown at them from slow moving vehicles!!


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